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    Training via Teams and Zoom

    "Just as beneficial as classroom. No concerns. Coaching on Teams very beneficial."   Gayle Paterson, The Mungo Foundation, Microsoft 365

    "Via Teams was fine - I felt it was really clear and Kay was great at making sure we could all follow and understand" Holly Wilson, Excel Custom,

    "I wasn’t sure how it would be to do a training course online instead of in-person, but this training was really effective. I’ve learned so many new skills & tricks that will be invaluable moving forward, and give me confidence in designing outputs for clients and myself." Alice, Adobe Creative Suite, Self-funded

    “Using Teams was very useful.  Especially the screen sharing options" . Ryan Byrne, SPT

     “Definitely more convenient to do remotely.  I didn't feel like I missed out on anything compared to classroom learning.” Iona McDonald, Excel Delegate

    “Beyond my expectations. explained patiently and reinforced the concepts - GREAT TRAINER” Neil Stewart, Fairfield Technologies, Custom Excel, 2021

    “Training via Teams was really good.”  Konstantina Kafa, SPT, 2021

    "This was the first Teams training course i was on and found it very good,"  Martin Doyle, Visio, May 2021

     "Worked well - easy to cross reference with our own copies of the relevant apps. Pauline was a friendly, enthusiastic presenter - turned what could have been a dry session into something engaging and valuable."  Rollo Strickland, The Mungo Foundation, Office 365 Intro, 2021 

    "Excellent! Brilliant online training! Paul is very knowledgeable and he worked with me to deliver relevant and useful content. I would highly recommend". Yvette, InDesign Attendee