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    Training Room Hire

    Glasgow room hire re-opening and available from 17th August 2020

    Anytime training at your workplace

    With optional training laptops, we convert any room into a computer training room, or hold the course in your own computer training suite if you have one.  These course are held specifically for you, to suit your individual or group's needs, on dates that work for you.  

    Costs are the same (if your offices are in central Scotland) as for training at our Glasgow training centre.  The only additions can be adding the hire of training laptops to your event, or if your workplace is further than 20 miles from Glasgow or Edinburgh a charge for mileage may be incurred.   Ask for potential dates. 

    If requesting optional training laptops for trainee use in your meeting rooms: Glasgow area costs £15 per laptop per day, Edinburgh & central Scotland £20 per laptop per day. Minimum charge four laptops.

    Costs for 1-to-1  Anytime Training Sessions

    Costs for Anytime Group Training Sessions