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Training Room Hire

Our Glasgow training room facilities are available for hire.



We provide consultancy and help with applications to many clients who have specific needs that they would like help with.  This can involve consultancy solutions that we either undertake on client's behalfs, or are developed in partnership with clients along with upskilling.


Using this service means that we can either:

In practice, work of this type usually involves elements of all three approaches above.

Examples of recent work:

In Microsoft Access:

Etopia developed a Learning Event Management Control database for a public sector client using the software they had available – Microsoft Access. This allows tight quality and co-ordination control, featuring the security of using a single co-ordinated system for running all types of training courses, both internally and with their external providers.

In Microsoft Excel:

Profiling tools - designed to help identify and progress the best ways forward - were developed for a major brewer and drinks distributor.  This included tools (all designed using Excel VBA and forms) for candidate selection, business process analysis, and for evaluating market opportunities.