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    Technology Migration Support

    Etopia can help with technology refreshments where employees need to become familiar with a changed environment quickly and cost-effectively.

    A)  Bespoke training projects that involve teaching, to employees, an organisation's own bespoke systems, either developed in house or by a third party.  This could be, for example, an organisation’s new bespoke stock-taking system being implemented and trained across a number of staff with desk-visits and floorwalking.  Typical costs are around £295 + VAT per day.

    B)  Migration projects that involve the roll-out of commercial software to organisations, often as an upgrade or conversion.  This involves activity such as migration to Office 365 with required and detailed staff hands-on familiarisation training.  Typical costs are around £295 + VAT per day.

    C)  Audience Training. These are most useful when constraints such as time, availability or budget mean the best idea is for one or two trainers to present brief one-hour presentations to substantial groups of employees. Ideal for migrations such as to Windows 10 and Office 2016, and while not a perfect substitute for hands on training, they can help a great deal with staff easier acceptance - and helpdesk activity. 

    Audience Training allowed one of our trainers to train over 240 people in a day for a Research Institute in the north of Scotland - twice in successive years.  Another trainer covered 130 people in a day over four sessions at an Edinburgh University - and found time for some question and answer sessions in-between.  Typical costs are around £550 + VAT per day. 

    For all the above, costs do depend to an extent on requirements, and are usually charged on a day basis. If this is of interest please call to discuss, or arrange an exploratory meeting.