Etopia Computer Training

Training Room Hire

Our Glasgow training room facilities are available for hire.

Other Training Courses

In addition to the popular applications courses that we run regularly and list on this website, Etopia often supply various type of group private closed courses that are available on demand.  If you have any training needs that are not covered within advertised courses, please call for a quote on 0141 303 8430 to see if we may be able to help.

Particularly for technical, management skills and bespoke training, a condensed, focussed course aimed at covering pre-discussed content can provide a satisfying and local solution to alternatives that involve lengthy standard courses and/or travelling to attend. Typically the alternative to running this training can often mean people travelling elsewhere in the UK for courses that, while perhaps interesting, prove to be not neccessarily tailored to meet the needs of attendees. 

Etopia for example offer Microsoft Technical and other technical and specialist courses including SQL, SharePoint and Java.  This includes courses which otherwise only run very occasionally (if it all) on any regular course schedules elsewhere within Scotland. 

Organised exclusively on dates to suit, attendees discuss content in advance with their trainer - who will then provide exactly what is needed. Courses are typically held in central Glasgow, but can also be held onsite anywhere in Scotland.

Infographics Training