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Microsoft Project Advanced IT Training Course

Duration:1 day
Locations:Glasgow, Edinburgh
Glasgow Dates:Fri 17th Apr 20,  Thu 14th May 20
Edinburgh Dates:

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One Day Course

This course will enable users to manipulate the advanced features of Project in order to plan, track and customise a project. Users will also be able to manipulate project data between different files.

Course Aims to enable delegates to:

Effectively utilise advanced features within Project. These include fixed work, fixed duration and fixed units scheduling, multiple project management, cost analysis and customisation. Delegates will be able to integrate Project with other Office applications.

Course Content

Resolve overallocations using resource levelling and duration types

  • revision of introductory topics
  • Advanced techniques for resolving overallocations including re-scheduling tasks, resource levelling and Fixed Duration, Fixed Units and Fixed Work scheduling

Manage multiple projects

  • Working with Task calendars
  • Multi-project management

Integrate MS Project with other Office applications

  • Integration with other Office applications

Customise the MS Project interface

  • Customisation of the Project interface including calculated fields
  • Record and run simple macros

Import and Export data to/from MS Project

  • Importing/exporting data

Follow-on Courses

Microsoft Project FastPath, Microsoft Project Advanced

Requirements before booking this course:

People coming on the course should have attended an MS Project Fundamentals course, or have used the basic features of the application for a period of time. Prior knowledge of, or experience in, Project Management theories, principles or methodologies would also be beneficial.


Training is available on all versions