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Microsoft Excel VBA Programming IT Training Course

Duration:2 days
Locations:Glasgow, Edinburgh
Glasgow Dates:Wed 8th Apr 20,  Tue 12th May 20
Edinburgh Dates:

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This course teaches experienced Excel users about the greater advantages to be gained by combining the built-in features of Excel with the programming capabilities of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The course is designed to give delegates a thorough overview of programming within the Excel environment, enabling them to improve the functionality of their Excel spreadsheets.

Course Aims to enable delegates to:

Use VBA terminology, start Visual Basic Editor, and work with object properties, methods, and events. Manipulate data by declaring variables and procedures of correct scope to be used when and where you need them. Use decision structures to perform decision tasks and loop structures to perform repetitive tasks. Add a user form to your project, add controls on it, handle events associate with form controls, and validate data entry on forms. Identify errors in code, use the debugging tools, and write error-handling code to trap errors.

Course Content

Visual Basic For Applications Overview

Recording and Running Procedures

Viewing and Editing Procedures

Working with Visual Basic Code

Objects, Properties and Collections

User Input, Control and Looping

Debugging and Error Handling

Customising the User Interface

Follow-on Courses

Microsoft Access VBA

Requirements before booking this course:

This is a generic course and is suitable for users of any version of Microsoft Excel. This course is particularly beneficial for those with a sound knowledge of Excel who are familiar with other features available such validation, protection & security, advanced formatting, formulae & functions.


Training is available on all versions