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Crystal Reports Introduction IT Training Course

Duration:2 days
Locations:Glasgow, Edinburgh
Glasgow Dates:Tue 7th Apr 20,  Wed 6th May 20
Edinburgh Dates:

Dates above and cost (excludes VAT) are for joining a scheduled course. 

Or book a Two Day Private Group from £750 + VAT per day or book 1-to-1 from £595 + VAT for One Day  £1190 + VAT for two days.


Two Day Course


This course will enable delegates to:

  • Navigate the Crystal Report window.
  • Create, format and save reports.
  • Sort, group and summarise records.
  • Use formulae in reports.
  • Enhance Reports using conditional formatting and parameter fields.
  • Print and Export Reports to other formats.

Delegates must have a working knowledge of Windows applications and a basic knowledge of database concepts such as tables, fields and records. 


Introduction to Crystal Reports
Opening a report.
Creating New Reports.
Connecting to a Data Source.
Field Explorer.
Refreshing the report.
Report Design environment.
Moving, Sizing and Aligning Objects.

Record Selection
Using the Select Expert to add Record Selections.
Saved v Refreshed Data.
Modifying Record Selections.
Record selection with Date Fields.

Formatting Reports
Formatting Objects.
Adding Lines, Boxes and Graphics.
Adding Hyperlinks.
Creating and Formatting Text Objects.
Using Special Fields.
Report Explorer.

Sorting, Grouping, Summarising
Sorting records and grouping Records.
Multiple Grouping and specified Order Grouping.
Adding Summary Totals.
Group Sort Expert (Top N grouping).

The Database Expert.
Adding Tables/Amending Links.
Linking Options.

Creating Formulae
Creating formulae with the Formula Editor.
Formula Syntax.
Simple Formula Functions.
If-then-else formulae.

Conditional Reporting
Highlighting Expert.
Conditional Formatting.
Report Alerts.

Parameter Fields
Defining Parameter fields.
Using Parameters.

Printing and Distributing Reports
Printing Reports.
Exporting Reports & Configuration.

Report Wizards
Creating a report with the report wizard.
Mailing Labels.

Designing a Crystal Report
Planning Reports.
Setting Default Report Options.