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Crystal Reports Advanced IT Training Course

Duration:2 days
Locations:Glasgow, Edinburgh
Glasgow Dates:Tue 21st Apr 20,  Wed 20th May 20
Edinburgh Dates:

Dates above and cost (excludes VAT) are for joining a scheduled course. 


Or book a Two Day Private Group from £750 + VAT per day or book 1-to-1 from £595 + VAT for One Day  £1190 + VAT for two days.


Two Day Course


Crystal Reports Advanced IT Training Course held monthly in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Two day advanced course £750 + VAT.  Create more efficient and effective report designs by increasing understanding of formulas, variables, arrays, templates, parameters, summaries and sections.


What skills will the delegate gain?
This course will enable delegates to:

  • Create running totals in a report.
  • Build CrossTab reports.
  • Add sub reports.
  • Improve processing speed in reports.
  • Apply and create templates.
  • Present data on charts and maps.
  • Report from Excel and Access data.


Crystal Reports v11 Introduction or have equivalent knowledge. 


Advanced formulae
Formula Workshop.
Custom functions.
Advanced functions.
Using Running Totals.
Variables and arrays.

Advanced Report Formatting
Applying a
Crystal defined template.
Creating a template.
Dependency Checker.
Setting default Report Options.

Reporting on Excel and Access data

Review of Introductory Course

Summary drill-down reports
Hiding and suppressing sections.
Hiding / Displaying sections conditionally.

Formatting report sections
Section Expert.
Adding/Modifying sections.
Creating a Letter.
Underlaying Sections.


Linked/Unlinked Subreports.
On-Demand Subreports.
Using variables within Subreports.

Advanced Report Processing
SQL Commands / Expression Fields.
Multi-pass reporting.
Speed of report processing.
Additional database options.

Charts & Maps
Creating a chart using the Chart Expert.
Formatting Charts.
Creating & formatting Maps.

Adding Cross-tabs to a report.
Formatting Cross-tabs.
Charting on Cross-tabs.