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    Customised Visio Course

    On many occasions training needs can simply sit somewhere in the middle between course levels.  There are also circumstances when training that draws from workplace specifics or areas of interest can make the investment in training time especially worthwhile.  We can do this by customising private Visio courses.

    Customised courses are aimed at making sure that individuals or staff groups receive particularly relevant training. Trainers gain an understanding of what will most help - and then target the training to make a difference to people's working day. 

    There are two form of customising for private Visio courses available from Etopia: 

    Standard Customisation - there are no additional costs for private events to choose topics between levels, or remove elements to reflect interests or needs.  This selection process can be achieved via discussion on the day, but where possible is most useful through telephone or email based conversations in advance of training time.  

    Advanced Customisation we can help if circumstances suggest there could be a benefit from your instructor having already gained an in-depth understanding of an individual or organisation's situation.  Your tutor can form a view of how well or thoroughly current use of software helps with business practice. One way of achieving this can be through your scheduled trainer meeting in advance with staff or and individual.  Together they can view and run through what might be achieved with best use of Visio.  

    Alternatively, having telephone or email based conversations - but also including training examples based specifically on actual real-life examples, or data, or a process or organisational workflow - can also make training particularly effective and satisfying for all involved.

    Cost options for Advanced Customised training are best discussed after we initially understand the scope of what is needed, and the outcome desired. (There are no charges for any standard levels of customisation).